A Storied Speaker who will connect with your audience and impact them to find their true potential

At 29 years of age, I became an infant trapped in a woman’s body. I had a massive stroke requiring emergency brain surgery. When I woke up, I had no voice and couldn’t move the right side of my body. 

I could not allow this devastating turn of events define me. I fought against all odds and ran my 7th half marathon a mere 10 months after being hospital-bed ridden.

Having a stroke was not my first life-altering set-back. As a young girl, I battled eating disorders for over 10 years and in my late 20’s, was the victim of a near-fatal car crash.

In 2016, I decided to leave corporate life to pursue my passion of showing audiences to believe in themselves so that they can reach their full potential in every facet of life.  My memoir “Surviving Myself: How an Eating Disorder, a Car Crash and a Stroke Taught Me To Love My Life and Finally Live It,” was published in 2018.

I am a 4x TEDx speaker and have been invited to speak worldwide at places such as Google in Switzerland, BNP Paribas in France and Belgium, and numerous educational institutions.

I write for the Huffington Post Blog and am proud to be on the board of Women’s Brain Health Initiative and represent Sheena’s Place as an Ambassador.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc Degree in Psychology, and went on to pursue certificate training in business studies at the Rotman School of Management. I went on to earn my Masters Degree in business studies abroad in London and Paris at the European School of Business.

Before becoming a Speaker and Author, I worked in the financial, education and e-commerce sectors as a consultant, manager and sales professional in cities across the globe including New York, London UK, Paris and San Francisco. I am now based in Toronto Canada.

I’m Dina, a proud East Indian female, and I’d like to inspire your audience.

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