I connect with audiences and help them find
the power within themselves to increase their confidence and reach
their full potential in life

Tackle Your Challenge With Gusto: 

Lessons From A Survivor


You are capable of much more than you can imagine. In this personal and emotional talk, Dina shares her unbelievable story of going from jet-setting corporate executive to helpless infant after unexpectedly having 2 strokes requiring emergency brain surgery at age 29.

Dina shares relevant examples and provides you with a tool kit on how you will not only survive, but how you will thrive amidst both small and large obstacles, at work or personal life.  This talk will have you feeling resilient, engaged and determined to fearlessly adapt to any situation you face.

“Her positive message and suggestions on how to cope with difficulty is just what we need to hear!”

– Employee

Prioritize Employee Mental Health

(or Risk Being Left Behind)


In today’s age of being connected to phones and social media 24/7, do you feel your mental health has taken a backseat? Rates of anxiety and depression are skyrocketing. Life in the digital age is negatively impacting performance and success at work unless appropriate steps are taken to prioritize mental health.

After writing her memoir, Dina was forced to reexamine her life with a deep focus on mental health transformation. She will share effective tools that you can do daily that will remarkably transform your mental and emotional well-being with direct results on your productivity, satisfaction and engagement.

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“Dina really connected with the audience. Her advice was simple, easy to understand, yet impactful.”

– Employee


“Dina is a true source of inspiration. I admire her for her resilience in the face of adversity and how she managed to motivate herself to achieve what others consider impossible.”

– Google employee

“We’ve all heard that expression – “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” – that’s Dina’s story! It was an honor to see and hear Dina share her journey. Inspiring and a true champion of life!

– Netsuite (now Oracle) executive