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I’ve started to tell people my plans of starting my motivational speaking company – friends, family and other motivational speakers – and the prevailing comment I often hear is – “So you’re writing a book now right”??? – Ummm….when did motivational speaking become an obvious link to writing a book?! Shows how much I know (clearly I have a lot to learn).

While I have begun writing a 30 min speech – I would have NO clue how to write a whole book. That would be nuts! So I started researching – me and Google are super tight!! I learned more about ghost writing – which is when an actually author writes your story. What a perfect idea. I could verbalize my thoughts, ideas, message and the expert (ie…writer) could beautifully articulate it! Win win.

Buttttttttt, there is one pesky matter to contend with – hiring a ghost writer is a rather expensive endeavor. I reached out to many authors to learn more and the fees will vary on the skill level of the author, years of experience, if the author has published best sellers and other variables. So…. there are options. I will decide what is best for me and learn about more about the book writing process when the time is right.

The author/book saga continues…..!

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