Welcome friends! As you know, I’ve been a long-time fan of the Dove Campaigns. 

This one was done way back in 2010 but I’d say it might be even more important today due to the distorted image of beauty that we are bombarded with from social media.

How many times does someone say, “I love your hair,” or “Your eyes are stunning,” BUT you completely disregard that compliment . . . think nothing of it and pass it off?

When Dove carried out this study in 2010 – they found that just FOUR percent of females would describe themselves as beautiful. That statistic broke my heart but I also acknowledge that not too long ago, I was part of that 96% that didn’t think they were beautiful. I not only did not even listen to a compliment but I actually thought the other person was lying – how on earth could someone like my frizzy hair, my skin that is farrrrrr from a clear perfect complexion? I’m not a model – how could someone think I was beautiful – pish tosh!

As you watch this video, ask yourself:

“What’s MY “Patch” – what can I look to at ANY point in the day that would remind me that “I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

It could be a colourful band-aid, a bracelet, a sticker on the back of your phone. I write myself sticky notes that literally say, “You are pretty” “Believe in yourself.” And I will continue to do so because it’s so easy to forget these concepts (especially on days where work doesn’t go well or I get a pimple) but they are SO important to keep reinforcing.

Please share this blog and let me know what your “Patch” is? Let’s all encourage each other to find our own beauty.

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