Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

Hello friends. This Dove video packs a punch! I watched it again after a long time and had a ball in my throat.

We, as females, are quick to list off what we consider flaws or describing our looks in a negative way. I hope that as you watch this video, you start to think of yourself and all your features in a more positive light. That switch in the way you perceive yourself will start to impact every area in your life. Keep reminding yourself of how beautiful you are and slowly, each day, you will increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Here’s an example. I write in my memoir, I used to always believe I had “ugly brown dull eyes.” This was what I kept telling myself for years and years. But for the past year, I’ve changed that and I tell myself, I have beautiful brown eyes that when I smile, project warmth.” Each day when I look in the mirror, I say that to myself which actually makes me smile more!

We are our own worst critic. Today, I ask you to find one feature, just one (!), that you are accustomed to describing in a negative light and completely turn it around. Change:

  • “big legs” –> “strong solid legs”
  • “frizzy hair” –> “gorgeous auburn sun-kissed curly hair”
  • “fat round face” –>  “perfectly proportional with a great big smile”

Let’s work to slowly perceive ourselves in a positive light because you are BEAUTIFUL! Please share with anyone who could use a reminder that they are beautiful – EXACTLY the way they are 🙂


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