It’s been one week since the tube light went off. My mind has been racing like crazy! How do I start? What do I do? Who do I contact? What needs to be done? It dawns on me – creating my own company will require me to wear many many many hats. All of a sudden – I have to be a kick a** marketer, a saavy PR agent, a visionary, a story teller, a speech writer, an author, a public speaker extraordinaire among others.

While it was slightly daunting to fathom being all of these people at once, it actually made me SUPER excited!! And then I remembered what my sister had said a few weeks ago. “D, you have never been satisfied with doing ONE thing, you NEED to have a role that requires you to wear multiple hats.”

One of my previous jobs was being part of a team that launched a company across the US. While my title was “Head of Sales” – the sheer number of responsibilities that the role entailed required me to do was right up this “alley” my sister spoke of. It was a very dynamic role where you have to roll with the punches – it was exciting!

The pieces were slowly falling into place – creating my own company that would allow me to help others tackle the challenges they faced in their life was just TOO exciting. That tube light gets brighter and brighter each day!

Wed Sept 23 – Choosing a web designer

One of the first things I’ve begun to realize – I can’t do it all. Some aspects of my company, I will have to work with the experts (in their respective fields). First thing was creating a website. Over the past week, I had reached out to many web designers, learned what would be involved, pricing and decided that I wanted to have a professional do my website. I was lucky enough to have a family member recommend a web designer.

I felt we had a great chemistry over the phone and that she understood “my vision and brand” and what I am hoping to achieve. This of course will change as I get more direction but I LOVED the way she wanted to ensure that at the end – website, all social media profiles, my business card, marketing materials and so forth would ALL be reflective of that vision – it would permeate every aspect of my company. She asked me numerous questions and followed up with a questionnaire so that she could learn more about me. (I was dumbfounded – some other designers I had spoken with just seemed like they would take my money and “churn out” a website)

Meeting her in person solidified my initial thoughts. She CARED! I felt she had a genuine curiosity about me and desire to create a website that embodied ME and one I would be proud of and want to show the world!

She outlined the steps involved, what I needed to do (for example, get new photos taken, generate content for the site, set up all social media accounts), how long each step takes as well as the cost.

But there was something else that made me decide to work with her. I not only felt she cared, but that she would be there to help and guide me along the way in the many (MANY) areas that I have zero clue about but that are right up her alley. Areas such as finding a good photographer, working with me to create awesome business cards, train me on how to website will work and how I would upload content each day and so forth. It made me feel much more comfortable and reassured – this is a “new world” for me so a helping hand that I can trust provides a great deal of relief.

Choosing a web designer – check!

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