Yesterday was photoshoot day!! Can’t believe that we have now gotten to this stage – it feels like barely a month ago, the website was just this teeny idea in my head but suddenly felt – “This sh** gettin’ REAL!”

Although I was nervous, Erin McCann (my wonderful web designer) had it all set up which definitely alleviated me of a lot of worry – she booked the studio, photographer and makeup and hair stylist – I wouldn’t have even known where to begin! She told me the 4 different looks we wanted to capture for the website and gave me examples so I got (and borrowed) clothes, shoes and jewelry.

When I got to the studio, first thing was hair and make up. Can you believe it takes 2 hours!!!! I was constantly glancing into the mirror as she was doing the makeup – I’d never felt so beautiful. Who knew makeup could totally work WONDERS! I kept thinking, “is that really me?!?!” She really had a way of accentuating features that I would never know how to do on my own.

photoshoot w makeup

While Erin Winn (Makeup/Hair Stylist) was getting me all primped, Erin McCann (web designer) and Elizabeth Klunder (Photographer) hung up all my clothes and went through to see what outfits were best and the shoes and jewelry to go along with it.

With loud “Girl Power” music played in the background we got shot after shot after shot. After each look, I’d change outfits, makeup would be touched up and hair changed to give me a different look. It really was a TON of fun and a great experience. It gave me a brief teeny tiny glimpse into what TV stars go through each day.

One thing I was very grateful for was having my web designer there. She knew exactly what she wanted for the website and social media and ensured I got the correct pictures. It not only relieved my own anxiety but also provided me with a sense of relief – she knows what she’s talking about and I can trust her. She is helping me to really build my brand and vision. Think I got very lucky with her!

I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out! That’s a wrap for now! (I’m positive that’s a movie set word but I know that you know what I mean :P)