#SURVIVINGMYSELF Book Blog: So Where Can I Get the Book?!

Hello friends! We’re just a few weeks away from book launch! The responses I’ve been getting from many wanting to buy the book is filling my heart with so much joy! 

It’s a bit scary to know that everything I hid for so long will be out there for everyone to see in black and white. But, I know the powerful positive impact it will have….. so excitement does prevail 🙂

So, the details:

  1. Format – Paperback & e-book
  2. Where – Worldwide at any online retail that you’d normally buy a book. Amazon (of course), but here are some other places that are more region specific:

Canada: Chapters Indigo

US: Barnes & Noble / Powell’s / Books a Million

UK: Waterstones / Foyles

Australia: Booktopia

New Zealand: Fishpond

I’m sure it’s now obvious – you can order it anywhere 🙂   As soon as it is available (just a few weeks away!!) I’ll be posting direct links to make it easy for you 🙂

If you have any questions, please let me know (Facebook, Instagram, email) and I’ll get back to you right away