#SURVIVINGMYSELF Book Blog: The Writing Process (Part 3: “The AFTER”)

Hello again friends and thank you for joining me for Part 3 of this blog series: “The AFTER”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read the previous posts, please find them here: Part 1 & Part 2

You’ll remember in Part 2 that I didn’t paint the actual writing process in the most glamorous light (it was downright painful!). And yet, I also said that I would, without a doubt, do it all again. Here’s why:

  1. I finally know what self-love really means
  2. I feel free to be ME (not what I think I “should” be to others or the world around me)
  3. I trust and listen to MY heart
  4. I can look in the mirror and smile
  5. I can finally exhale (the energy it took to hide was exhausting)
  6. My mind is at peace (there is an internal ease and comfort that I had never experienced)

Whether you identify / struggling with one of these areas or all of them, I hope you now know that you are not alone and deserve to feel self-love of exactly who you are! I will be expanding on each of these topics and what each of these mean for you 🙂

Surviving Myself will available worldwide this summer! Paperback & eBook. Please stay tuned for more details!