#SURVIVINGMYSELF Book Blog: What’s The Book About?

Hello friends! I’m sure many of you are wondering….so what is this book about? Allow me to share…

In a nutshell (I too have a very short attention span), here are the details:

1. It’s a memoir – so yup, every revealing moment, embarrassing story and part of my life I NEVER expected to share are right there for you to read, in black and white.

2. It’s a collection of “mini-stories” – each chapter is in essence a short story of a moment in time. It is vivid, detailed and raw.

3. It has 3 sections:

  • The first section takes you back to my younger years, growing up in a middle class family with loving parents who had immigrated from East India. From the tender age of 10, I was already engaged with a losing battle with myself. I felt “different” and loathed being that “brown” ugly duckling among a sea of white popular girls. I developed eating disorders and was desperate to find a place where I would fit in (heaven). This section takes you to the end of high school.
  • The second section takes you through university and career moves throughout my 20’s. With university came a fresh start – a chance for me to prove that I was no longer that “weak, anorexic child.” I had to show the world I was a superwoman. There was a drill sergeant in my mind yelling to go-go-go, all the time, despite the number of goals I set and things I had accomplished. My life came to a grinding halt when I was in a devastating car accident.
  • The third section, takes you through the recovery of the car accident and working so hard to get back to my life to the experience of losing it all (having a stroke). I went from being a strong independent woman to a helpless infant, dependent on others. It was humiliating and devastating but I still had to prove to the world that I was strong.
  • Epilogue – This is where I am now, what I’ve learned and moving forward.

4. It’s written in the first person – I wanted to be free to write about exactly how I felt at a specific age/moment in time. I didn’t want to have to be “politically correct” or write what is “socially acceptable” or what was “appropriate from a society standpoint.” I wanted to have the freedom to write about all the things we all want to say out loud, but hesitate because we feel we can’t.

Surviving Myself is now available in ebook and paperback – Amazon 

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