“The Greatest Showman” – Why it’s a Must-Watch Movie

This is one of my favorite movies! I saw it when it first came out in theaters and again recently. It is not only a true story and has great music but it also has one very powerful message: Be proud of EXACTLY who you are! 

In a nutshell, PT Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) brings together a group of people that are ridiculed and laughed at (because they are considered “odd”) and brings them into the spotlight (the circus)

He gives each person solid encouragement and builds their confidence to go out and face the people that mocked them. Performing through the circus helps them embrace themselves.

It’s a great message of not letting anyone hold you back but rather celebrating our differences for they make each one of us amazing and unique! We should view our differences as those qualities that make us SO SO special and be PROUD of them!

Being “perfect” or “normal” is boring . . . SO very boring. Why bother trying to fit in and be exactly like everyone else. Let’s be proud to stand out! All the qualities you possess that might be viewed as “odd” “eccentric” or “flaws” . . . those are YOUR badges of honour!

When you need a reminder of how great you are, listen to the song below and watch this amazing movie – you will feel strong, empowered and proud of YOU!!

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