There is a lot happening and I’d like to take a moment to share it with you!

I’ll do my best to be as concise as possible

  1. Website – we’ve cleaned it up! It’s more “short n’ sweet” and I hope you will find it a lot easier to navigate.
    • Note – I welcome feedback so please email me with suggestions/feedback and any comments
  2. Keynote Speeches – they are brand-spankin’ new. After I wrote my memoir, I realized there are a lot of other challenges I have faced both before and after my stroke/brain surgery which made the “story” part of my speech have a lot more impact for the audience. So, in a nutshell:
    •   Length of Keynote = 45 min – 1 hour
    •   Audience: Employees of mid-large Companies
    •   1st part – My Story (Anorexia / Car Crash / Stroke & Brain Surgery / Entrepreneurship) – all told in mini-stories that will captivate, stun and touch your employees
    •   2nd part – All about the audience. I give them Lessons I’ve learned over 20 (!!) years on how not just “survive”challenges but how to THRIVE!
      • Your employees face numerous obstacles and challenges in the corporate world that affect their productivity, engagement and ultimately, the company’s bottom line.
      • My Keynote speeches will get your employees to be their BEST in their roles
    • Q&A – Great time to learn from everyone in the room
    • For more information: Please email me at
  3. Memoir – all the writing is complete (phew!) It is currently being edited so please stay tuned…….lots more coming soon!
  4. App – I’ve decided to get into the world of apps! It’s all very recent and I’m excited about this brand new venture and how it will make a difference to you and your daily life……so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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