Website – Version 1.2 release coming SOON!!

Hello hello! It’s such an exciting time and we can’t wait to share it with you! The new version of the website is coming out so so soon!There are many changes that we are making to the website.

1.TEDx – My very first TEDx talk will be right on the home page. I have been so touched at the many requests, comments and questions as to when it will be out. My first TEDx talk was on April 20th and the organizers tell me that it takes 3-4 weeks to have it all edited and online so fingers crossed we get it soon 🙂

2. What I do – we have made it more clear as to exactly what I do:

I provide Mid-Large Sized Companies & Educational Institutions with the tools and strategies they need to overcome common challenges in today’s world. I take a principle based approach so you can tackle any challenge successfully.

3. Who I serve – we have decided to specifically work with the following audiences:

  • Mid-Large Sized Companies
  • Educational Institutions

Note: This may narrow/broaden over time, but for now, we’d like to focus on these markets.

On that note, we have created a 1-pager both audiences – everything you need in 1 sheet!!

4. Published articles/blogs – I am now a Huffington Post Blogger (whohooo!) and have written an article for the National Post.

My plan is to publish many blogs, articles and so forth so when you head to the “Press & Media” tab, you will easily be able to see these contributions and read at your leisure.

We are always seeking to improve and enhance your experience while you are on the website. We welcome any and all feedback! Positive feedback is also welcome 🙂

So after this new release – email if you have any suggestions

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