Gratitude from a Surge of Memories

A few days ago, we launched an updated version of my website.

It was a significant moment for me because it allowed me to see how much has changed and how we have evolved in a short span of time. From writing my memoir, to completely revamping my Keynote speech, to understanding my value proposition – it’s a “Whoh! I can’t believe any of this” type of feeling. It hit me in many different ways including this:

On Saturday evening, I headed out to meet a friend for dinner. As I walked past the University of Toronto Campus I remembered being a very insecure, lonely student barely making it academically and trying so hard to not relapse in my recovery from anorexia.

I walked past Toronto Rehab Institute on University Ave where I lived for many months after my stroke, learning how to speak and walk again.

I saw a young woman in a wheelchair just sitting outside the hospital taking in the sun and enjoying the weather. It made me remember the many days in the hospital where my parents would lift me up out of my wheelchair so I could peer out the window. I longed to be outside, in the fresh air.

On the 50 minute walk to dinner, there were so many memories that flooded my mind but they all led to one thing – gratitude.

Grateful to be able to have use of my legs and physically able to walk to dinner. Grateful that I have my voice and vocal cords so that I am able to have a conversation, even the ability to tell my sister “I love you.” Grateful that my brain was able to re-wire itself and I could regain cognitive functionality.

Grateful that I have experienced hardship because it has allowed me to see first hand the power of both the body and mind. Grateful that the fear of food I once had has turned into a passion and gives me so much joy. Grateful to have the love and support of my family and network. This list goes on and I had to wipe away tears before I walked into the restaurant.

I often get caught up with my new career as an entrepreneur and the many monumental goals and aspirations I have. So it was a very nice feeling when all these memories suddenly hit me because it forced me to take a step back, breathe in the fresh air, literally smell the roses (the flowers, trees and plants that line University Ave are in full bloom!) and be reminded of all the things I have to be grateful for.


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