Social Media – Why I am Limiting It

There are many advantages of social media but lately, I’ve been trying to avoid it. 

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Twitter as well as LinkedIn, I feel bombarded with:

  • Perfectly filtered images of people in exotic places, having a great time, spending lavishly
  • Articles on how to be a better entrepreneur, how to earn more money, how to be a better person (the list goes on and on……..and on!)
  • Couples that are so happy and in love
  • Pictures of babies

Why don’t my images look so perfect? I feel insanely inadequate after reading so many articles and posts – it seems like everything I’m doing (career, relationship, dating, health, life in general) is either wrong or should be drastically altered and improved so I can be successful in all areas.

Also, while many 33 year old women are on baby number 2 or 3, I don’t even have a boyfriend (nada, nothing, no one even remotely on the horizon – which is TOTALLY a-ok! I’ve NEVER been in a rush and if/when I meet a great quality guy…..wonderful! And the kicker is that I don’t even know IF I want to have children. But for some reason, when I’m on social media, I feel very “behind” in this hubby/child area.

I just want to see something REAL! Honest! Vulnerable! Otherwise, social media can feel very isolating.

Here is what I’ve noticed. I ONLY feel this way when I’m on social media and scrolling through feed. It’s that feeling of being bombarded left, right and center in such a short period of time.

When my computer is off and my phone is away, I feel so much happier and NOT at all inadequate in any of the areas I mentioned above.

So now that I’ve noticed this, I have begun limiting time on social media as well as consciously distracting myself with something that makes me feel happy and good about myself.

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