I’m going to Write a Book!!!!

From the day I announced my new career as a motivational speaker, I was constantly asked “Where can I get your book,” “when is your book coming out,” “can’t wait to read your book.”

However, I had not actually written anything! Nor was I planning to. So my answer to all of these types of questions was……ummm…..I’m not really ready to write a book.” I was just learning how to write a speech – writing an ENTIRE book was wayyyyyyyy beyond what I was envisioning.

And really – ME…. write a book! That’s nuts! As the days, weeks and months went by, my thought process changed. As I learned how to share pieces of myself and my journey with others, I’ve changed. I’ve become comfortable with sharing my story and helping other people. That initial reaction at writing a book has completely changed !

It FINALLY hit me! I’m writing a book and crazy excited about it!! (it’s hilarious to me to see how things shift in ways I would have never (never!!!!) have imagined.

I’m still at the early stage of deciding exactly how I will write it, topics I want to cover and so forth but it’s amazing to see things unfold.

Just a few months ago (even just a few weeks ago!) I was definitely “shying” away from the idea of writing a book and NOW, I can’t stop thinking about it and am actually starting the process!

I will give updates as I start this new journey! 🙂  C-A-N’-T Wait!! 🙂

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