My Website Designer and I have been going back and forth with creating my logo. She is beyond wonderful to put up with me! Seriously!!!!! I’m sure my convoluted, unclear comments must have drove her bonkers! My suggestions, such as, “one space between the ‘d’ and ‘p’ ” or “I like this font, but it needs to be changed, but I’m not exactly sure why” was driving me nuts too!! I can only imagine what she must have felt like.

She would create a batch of logos, send them to me and I’d give her my thoughts – what I liked, didn’t like and most importantly – WHY! When I look back, it’s almost hilarious because the vision I had in my head is not at all (completely opposite) to what I ended up LOVING! For example, I thought I wanted a circle (ended up with a square), blue (ended up with this awesome gold/black color).

I also realized that when it is your own company – you become so invested in EVERY single little detail. It becomes an extension of you. Here it is (below)


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