A few weeks ago, I was asked by UHN (University Health Network) if I would be willing to record a brief clip regarding the care I had received during my stroke and recovery. The doctors, nurses and amazing rehab team saved my life so of course I was more than happy to participate.

I had the choice to pre-record the segment or come to one of UHN’s hospital on Dec 1st where 96.3FM radio would be broadcasting live. They would be speaking to survivors (like me) as well as doctors and hospital staff about their experiences on Dec 1st. I was not going to be able to attend on Dec 1st so I pre-recorded my segment.

It was a fun experience. I chatted with the host at 96.3FM for about half an hour. He told me they would cut it down to just a few minutes and that it would be live Dec 1st. I’m really looking forward to hearing it and I hope that I was able to encourage people to donate to the hospital network that saved my life 🙂

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