Smile Meditation (less than 5 min!)

Hello friends! For the past two years, I’ve been practicing meditation to help keep me calm (ie. so my mind doesn’t fly off in a million directions……which ends up leading to exhaustion and burn-out.) 

I still do only guided meditations that are pretty short (usually less than 5 min). Lately, as I move to a brand new stage of getting my memoir out there, it feels like there is SO much to do!

I find myself really looking forward to this meditation at the end of the day and wanted to share it with you. In just a few minutes, I find my heart-rate slows down, a sense of calm washes over me and my mind feels positive.

This meditation is on a free app called Insight Timer and details are here (as well as pic below)

Let me know how you like it? What changes do you notice during and after the 5 min meditation?

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