TODAY Show Interview in New York City!

Hello friends! I was incredibly fortunate to have been invited to be on the TODAY Show in New York (pinch me!!) and I wanted to share my experience with you.

I got to New York Sun (Nov 4th) evening. I had the details regarding where I would check in at NBC but there are SO many entrances and exits for Rockefeller Center that I wanted to do a “dry” run and make sure I knew where I was going the next morning. After making a few rounds (and getting lost a few times), I had it down pat. Phew!

Monday could not come fast enough – there were way too many excited butterflies swirling around an I couldn’t wait for Monday to start.

I got to the NBC reception and was greeted by the sweetest intern who immediately made me felt at ease! She led me upstairs to my dressing room (umm……….YES! I really said that. I did a double take to see the name on the dressing room and yuppers! It said my name. Nuts!

I was told initially that I could come in jeans and they could steam my dress but there are so many things running through my mind that I’m sure I would have forgotten my dress or bra to avoid that kerfuffle lol I also chose a dress that wouldn’t need ironing – stress level 0!

Then came hair and makeup. These people are such artists! I couldn’t believe how they made me look in such a short time. I don’t often get my hair done and rarely wear makeup so it felt like such a treat to have all this done by professionals. They made me feel very special and beautiful. I kept looking at the mirror in awe of their artistry.

Back to my dressing room and much to my surprise, I met Dylan Dreyer. We got to chat and discuss various topics which was such a relief. She is so warm and down to earth and again, I felt completely at ease. A little while later, the live segment producer came in and briefed me some more. The entire team was great at always keeping me informed as to what step was next.

It was just a few minutes before we went live so brief hair and makeup touch up and right before I was mic’ed up, ran into Craig Melvin who made me laugh.

Having the chance to share my story and chat on air with Dylan Dryer and Jenna Bush Hagar was surreal. They were both so welcoming and kind. My entire time at NBC studios and TODAY show was surreal and one that I’ll never forget.

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